Yeah!Nah! 画廊是一个艺术家经营空间。为你喜欢的作品投票。得票最多的艺术家将在6个月后参加我们的终极展览。



Yeah!Nah gallery is an artist run space. Vote on the art. Winners go through to final show in 6 months.

We have closed our Shanghai Gallery. We plan to open an online gallery and host scatteresd popup shows around Australia and other countries. If you have a space you would like to donate for the popup please get in touch.


We will be back soon

After 6 months of shows we are closing our doors. If you or anyone you know is interested in the contiuning the space please reach out. The gallery will move to HOng Kong and Sydney Australia to continue in some form.

For more info cntact our team at

Yeah!Nah gallery is an artist run space. Vote on the art. Winners go through to final show in 6 months.

Jan 2019

Water Architecture / 液体设计结构

Erik Zepka, Iannis Bardakos, Rhys Turner

[Image: © Rhys Turner 2019]

Talks by / 会谈: Erik Zepka, Iannis Bardakos, Rhys Turner When / 时间: Sat Jan 19th 2-4:30pm / 1月19日星期六下午2:00 到4:30 About / 关于: An Interactive Discussion for Liquid Bodies. / 关于液体的讨论和互动

Outcome and Documention
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Jan 2019

Liquid Bodies

Changbai (.CLI), Vera Zhou, Zhijun Song, Erik Zepka

Changbai uses AI to create a literal “digital soup” painting of a baby. Vera uses oil paint to paint naked human form and evokes emotion and meaning. Zhijun explores water as a medium to tell a story. Erik's work engages biological science and how it can combine with material and digital art. Rhys combines film photography with sound.

长白使用人工智能创造了一个婴儿的字面“数字汤”画。维拉使用油画来绘制裸露的人形,唤起情感和意义。致君探索水作为讲述故事的媒介。 Erik的工作涉及生物科学以及它如何与材料和数字艺术相结合。 Rhys将电影摄影与声音相结合。

Ramen Baby

Changbai (.CLI)

Looking at ramen and looking at babies both make us feel happy and warm inside. If only there's a way to look at them at the same time! Wouldn't that be fantastic? Well, now you can! Ramen baby blends ramen and baby together; two things that we find absolutely delicious. The blending is done by a neural network. 可爱的小宝宝与日式拉面有不少共同点:都让人想上去咬一口,在疲倦时看一看都会让人放松。如果能把这两个温暖的东西合起来一起看,效果会不会成倍放大呢 :) 拉面宝宝的图像是由神经网络合成的

Changbai is an emerging media artist and creative coder from Shanghai. His work explores the playful intersection between humans and digital art. He engages human expression through games and playful experiences.

Chongqing: You Travel and Yu Visit

Rhys Turner

Chongqing is a future city with a central river (ZhongYu). The whole place feels like a page from Neuromancer. When I visited in 2010 I took photos on film with my Holga camera. I’m revising these photos and accompanying them with sound to bring them to life. I try to capture the futuristic feeling and hustle and bustle of the city. The audio takes you on a journey as you fly over the city. Glyde over a shipping container on the river. Then get zapped into the train station and drift by. Finally float through the market. The whole time you feel like you are flowing through the city like a liquid being just observing, however there is a temporal distortion where the image (photography) are static but the audio progressive to help you transgress. I like this idea because its used in one of my favorite films Chris Marker’s La Jette.

Rhys Turner is a Shanghai based Australian Creative Technologist, Artist & Creative Developer working for Wieden+Kennedy Shanghai. With over 20 years experience in web, desktop and mobile software engineering he is focused on emerging technologies and innovation. Rhys has a Masters of Visual Arts: Media Arts, Bachelor of Visual Arts Hon 1 and is a Microsoft MVP. He is an active and practicing visual artist a surfer, and optimistic futurist.

Untitled Series (Oil on Canvas)

Vera Zhou


Zhiunun Song

Water is commonly seen only as a part of the physical environment and of ecological resources; however, there are strong linkages of water and culture and people’s lives. Symbolism of water lies in peace, life, and regeneration, its significance expressed in spiritual, religious or social rituals, imbuing it, and its users with meaning and value: ‘‘water is always a metaphor of social economic and political relationships – a barometer of the extent to which identify, power and resources and shared.’’(the Water Community, 2)

Zhijun is an interactive art artist based on Baltimore, Maryland. Her work is mainly concerned with coding, interactive installation, as well as 3D fabrication. Her interests are focused on sound sculpture and visual narrative context responding to the daily environment. She has made several projects on the relationship between people and the physical environment, including a mirror project with Face OSC and a camera to respond to the selfie culture. The installation pixelates the image in mirror when people approach it. Her current creations are on interactive and immersive sound-art installations about waterfront community.

Untitled (interactive plant)

Erik Zepka)

My work engages biological science and how it can combine with material and digital art.

Erik Zepka (erik rzepka, ek rzepka, erik hoff zepka, xoxoxcom, xoxox) is a conceptual media artist whose work looks at science and technology from a social and aesthetic perspective. This work takes the form of digital art, material art, and social events. Virtual work has been shown on Peer to Space, The Wrong Biennale, The Odyssey Simulator, Furtherfield, Underacademy, Gallery T, Extropia, Remixworx, Super Art Modern Museum, and Gallery Online. Material or installed work has been shown throughout the world in venues such as the Tate Modern, the Nabi Museum, The Whitney Museum, Pikselfest, Videographe, VIVO Media Arts Centre and ISEA while more social events have been presented at the SFU Institute for the Humanities, the BIL Conference, NYU Steinhardt, BCIT, Microsoft, the Electronic Literature Association, the Digital Humanities Summer Institute, and the Modern Language Association Conference. Collaborators have included such artists as Pauline Oliveiros and Stelarc, and such social works as the conception and co-founding of the community science lab the Open Science Network.

Dec 2018

Open Call

[Image: © Rhys Turner 2018]

Yeah!Nah! Gallery has an open call for the 6th and final exhibition. If you or anyone you know has work they would like to show at the gallery for 3 weeks in Janurary please have them contact Yeah!Nah! now!

Dec 2018



[Image: © Changbai 2018]

Konnect is a game about helping out the little guys. The common trends in modern gaming offers competition, power fantasy, and often involves complicated control scheme. This game, on the other hand, is about collaboration, stewardship, and with a natural control scheme. I hope this game can show others the vast possibilities in game design. Konnect 是一个关于照顾小家伙们的游戏。玩家的手臂在游戏中转化成帮助小家伙们跨越悬崖的桥梁。现在主流游戏大多围绕竞技和个人主义展开,操控方式也经常比较复杂;Konnect的玩法则是围绕着合作与帮助而设计的。我希望能通过这个游戏让大家了解到游戏的可能性。

Changbai is an emerging media artist and creative coder from Shanghai. His work explores the playful intersection between humans and digital art. He engages human expression through games and playful experiences.

Dec 2018


Calum Crotch

[Image: © Calum Crotch 2018]

Toys represents a personal project to reevaluate the toys I grew up playing with and what could happen if the laws of physics didn't apply to them. Specifically exporting comical ways in which the usual wooden toy could act in a less than desirable way, like turning into balloons. Defiantly don't read to much into this one...

Nov 2018


Benjamin Bacon

[Image: © Andrew 2018]

The Little Sound Machines is a sound installation consisting of a series of both mechanical and digital machines that are connected to an AI network. Three AIs form the central brain of the network. Through learning from and influencing each other, the AIs construct the musical phrases that are then played out through a series of sound-generating machines. The music generated by the AI is also presented on a series of television screens that visualizes both the AI data and audio, as well as machine logic and behavior to the audience. This piece speculates on the future of music creation in the age of artificial intelligence, and through experimentation, presents an exploration of new musical interface that erases the composer from the equation, to present a purely machine-made performance.

《微音器》 是一个基于人工智能技术的自发性声音装置。该装置由一系列机械与数字机器,及多个 AI 组成的复杂系统构成。三个不同的 AI 逻辑形成了装置的中心脑,控制装置整体,通过互相学习及影响,共同创造生成声音、音乐片段,输出到声音发生器系统中,通过小机器群演奏出来。几台电视屏幕向观众呈现 AI 系统生成的声音数据及机器系统逻辑与创作行为。该作品探讨人工智能时代下的音乐创作与演奏可能性与前景。《微音器》是 Benjamin Bacon 在新音乐界面与创作系统中的试验与尝试之一。艺术家通过该系列探讨新声音艺术与音乐创作手段与方式,向观众展现一个抛开音乐人的纯机械声音体验。

Nov 2018

Shanshui - DaDA / 达达. 山水

Aven Le Zhou

[Image: © Andrew 2018]

Shanshui -DaDA is an interactive installation that utilizes AI technology in helping amateur participants realize traditional style Chinese landscape paintings. The audience is invited to sketch the a simple line drawing representation of their ideal landscape painting in the software interface, through calculation, DaDA will generate a Chinese Shanshui painting based on the structures drawn by the user. Shanshui -DaDA is the first of a series of explorations that seek to find AI’s role in traditionally human creativity centered areas. By way of challenging the creator’s conventional position, the artist poses the questions: Can we design AI to better collaborate with and facilitate, even enhance human creativity?

达达山水是一个基于人工智能的交互装置。参与者信手几笔勾勒出胸中山水意境, 人工智能达达山水将辅助创造一幅中国水墨山水。“达达”(DaDA:Design and Draw with AI)是作者的独立研究项目和系列装置计划,目标在于探索人工智能在一个传统意义上由人类绝对主导的创造进程--如绘画、设计中的可能角色。这里,选择山水这一独特的东方传统艺术形式训练的人工智能“达达山水”,致力于再次赋能我们每一个普通人以使用山水这一艺术媒介进行表达的能力,并丰富我们的精神生活。

Oct 2018

action / reaction

Yao's work struggle creates a tangable tension between the viewers self through interactivity that encourages them to move and be a part of the work.

Zhu uses contemporary calligraphy to capture active and reactive phrases and saying. These 4 original canvas paintings showcase the natural talent Zhu poses while offering a meaningful snippet of modern thought wrapped in a unique style of calligraphy.

Turner & Popov create a multiplayer WebVR experience where visitors to the space engage and interact with each other with both sound and visual as a audio visual remix engine.

Artsits include: Prudence Yao 姚毓夏, Jeii Zhu and a collaboration with Turner & Vladamir Popov

[Image: © Jeii Zhu 2018]

Sept 2018

postcard from the future with Turner & InstaPhoto photo booth

Postcards from the Future pop-up version, a new digital art & machine learning exhibition illustrating the possibilities of creative coding & interactive designorganized by OF Course, a New York and Shanghai-based creative coding studio and makerspace.

Artsits include: Gene Kogan, and a Turner & Insta Photo Co

[Image: © Gene Kogan 2018]

August 2018

Three little pics

Three little pics is a film photogrpahy exhibition. The idea came from my Uncle Barry who was a well known food photographer in Sydney Australia. He told me when I worked for him as his photogrpahy assistant in his studio that you should only have three photos in your portfolio. THese three photos will represent who you are as a photographer. This show takes that concept and applies if to three local film photographers who appreciate the lost art of the analogue medium.

Photographers include: Alex Greenberg, Gao Zheng and Rhys Turner

[Image: © Gao Zheng 2014]